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Varicocele is one of the disease affected to the scrotum. It is the abnormal enlargement of the veins in the scrotum or swelling of the veins inside the scrotum. .  Testicular which is a part of spermatic cord originate in the abdomen and  course down to  testis through the  inguinal canal.  There is a small one way valve to prevent backflow of blood. Varicocele will affect in one testicle or in both.

in most case it is seen in the left testicles.  A one id testicle will be affected in both. blood has high temperature that increases the temperature of the tests that will leads to infertility because the increased temperature will affect to the sperm. Mainly this disease will affect the men who is aged between 15 to 25. 


Symptoms of Varicocele

   1. Enlarged and twisted veins are visible.

   2. Scrotal swelling will be occur without pain.

   3. Infertility.

   4. Lump disappears when horizontal

    5. Testicular Atrophy

Varicocele can be diagnosed by using ultrasound  which is a physical examination. Varicocele will make the scrotum look lumpy.  Varicocele symptoms clearly not present.

We can detect varicocele by using venogram an x-ray which a special dye is injected into the veins.

The varicocele surgery is performed after a anesthesia.  In this type of varicocele treatment, best urologist makes an incision above the scrotum and cuts through the layers of tissue to expose the veins and the affected veins are ligated.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Prostate Cancer Treatment In Bangalore

                                "Prostate Cancer – A Detailed Study"

Have you heard about “Prostate Cancer” before?
Its a kind of disease that grows slowly in the prostate gland of male reproductive system will leads to dearth in elderly men across the world.
Prostate Cancer Treatment In Bangalore provided by the Eminent and Extremely experienced team of Urologist Bangalore

How it will start?
Prostate cancer that starts when cells in the prostate start to grow in uncontrolled manner. If the disease is identified early then it is very curable. If untreated the prostate cancer spread to the other parts of the body and produce secondary tumours.

Average Rate?
Although 80% of all prostate cancer diagnosed in men over age 65,The risks of Prostate cancer will start after the age of 50 in man.
The Good News!
Over 90% of prostate cancer are curable if detected and treated earliest stages. Early detection is key factor.
How to Diagnose?
  • Digital Rectal Exam
  • Prostate specific antigen test
  • Trans-rectal Ultrasound
The main surgery for this cancer is
  • Radical Prostatectomy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Radiation therapy
All these kind of treatment can be treated depends on the several factors such as how faster the cancer is growing,how much it has spread,your overall health as well as the benefits of the treatments.
Dr. Mahendra Jain, one of the Excellent and dedicated Prostate Cancer Surgeon delivering Prostate cancer treatment in India at affordable cost.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Treating Prostate Cancer With The Most Advanced And Effective Methods

Prostate cancer is one of the most common type of cancer after the non-melanoma skin cancer. Prostate cancer is cancer that starts in the prostate gland.  It wraps around the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body.

Prostate cancer- Symptoms
• Weakness
• Discomfort or Pain and burning sensation during urination
• Frequent urination, especially at night
• Blood during urination
• Impotence
• Pain in the lower parts of the body like upper thighs, back and pelvis
• Disturbance during flow of the urine
• Inability to urinate

Many treatment techniques are used to cure the prostate cancer like Surgeries, Radiotherapy, Biological Therapy, Hormonal Therapy and Targeted Therapy.

Some of the techniques mentioned below:
It has been successful for the starting stage of the prostate cancer. The surgery is accomplished when cancerous tissues influence the whole reproductive system of a male. It has several types like Pelvic lymphadenectomy, Retropubic prostatectomy, Perineal prostatectomy, Perineal prostatectomy and Radical prostatectomy. It is usually suggested by the oncologists at the very initial the stage of the prostate cancer.
It is another highly effective method for the Prostate Cancer Treatment,which is carried out via drugs or medication procedure. Drugs are planned according to the stage and the type of the cancer. It is usually used with the combination of surgery and radiotherapy for a more successful outcome.

If the prostate cancer has spread, treatment may include:
  • Nerve-Sparing Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

  • Nerve-Sparing Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy

  • Perineal Prostatectomy

Dr Mahendra Jain is an eminent and an extremely experienced Urologist and Andrologist residing in Bangalore, India. He has specialized in Endourology, Uro-oncology, Andrology, Impotence and female Urology.He and his team of oncology specialists provide the best Prostate Cancer Treatment in India. Dr. Mahendra Jain currently works as a Consultant Urologist at Fortis Hospitals and at Mahaveer Jain Hospital in Bangalore, India.

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