Thursday, 16 March 2017

Solution to Sexual Dissatisfaction

A lot of people complain about being unsatisfied in the sexual relation with their partner and this might even result in a divorce in most of the cases. Erectile dysfunction is one such issue which cause sexual dissatisfaction in the case of men.

What is erectile dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man because of which he fails to achieve an erection or maintain it as long as he or his partner wants to satisfy their sexual needs. This is experienced by most men in their forties. But this does not affect them psychologically, but when it happens earlier it can become a cause for depression and lack of self esteem and confidence. The causes for erectile dysfunction may be many ranging from age to the regular use of drugs or psychological reasons like lack of interest, stress or negative feelings.

How can erectile dysfunction be treated?
The treatment for erectile dysfunction is unique. PDE5 inhibitors are used to overcome this trouble. It is also used to treat pulmonary hypertension. This helps to overcome the effect of PDE5 and thus the erection can be sustained longer. Prostaglandin, PGE1, has vasodilatory properties. Use of penile prosthesis is also widely suggested as a remedy. It does not interfere with orgasm, ejaculation or urination and needs only a very minor, simple surgery. Vacuum devices are also suggested to people who do not have erection at all. This will help them get erection and can then be as normal people.

Dr. Mahendra Jain, the best Urologist in Bangalore is an expert in dealing with erectile dysfunction. He has treated men with erectile dysfunction to have a normal erection and thereby have a proper and happy sexual life.

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