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Varicocele is one of the disease affected to the scrotum. It is the abnormal enlargement of the veins in the scrotum or swelling of the veins inside the scrotum. .  Testicular which is a part of spermatic cord originate in the abdomen and  course down to  testis through the  inguinal canal.  There is a small one way valve to prevent backflow of blood. Varicocele will affect in one testicle or in both.

in most case it is seen in the left testicles.  A one id testicle will be affected in both. blood has high temperature that increases the temperature of the tests that will leads to infertility because the increased temperature will affect to the sperm. Mainly this disease will affect the men who is aged between 15 to 25. 


Symptoms of Varicocele

   1. Enlarged and twisted veins are visible.

   2. Scrotal swelling will be occur without pain.

   3. Infertility.

   4. Lump disappears when horizontal

    5. Testicular Atrophy

Varicocele can be diagnosed by using ultrasound  which is a physical examination. Varicocele will make the scrotum look lumpy.  Varicocele symptoms clearly not present.

We can detect varicocele by using venogram an x-ray which a special dye is injected into the veins.

The varicocele surgery is performed after a anesthesia.  In this type of varicocele treatment, best urologist makes an incision above the scrotum and cuts through the layers of tissue to expose the veins and the affected veins are ligated.

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